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"KJ" = King James Version of the Bible

If you wish to speak with someone about any of the doctrines contained herein, click here is privately owned by Elder Erving Lambert. does not belong to any Church, per se, but since the true disciples of The Lord
do not pick apart the Gospel of Jesus Christ but embrace ALL of the doctrines of The Bible,
teaches the kingdom of The Saints: THE REFRESHING, Restoration, and Restitution of ALL THINGS - "And in the days of these kings
shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom," [Daniel 2:28 & 44], "Repent ye therefore and BE CONVERTED, ... when the TIMES OF REFRESHING
shall come FROM THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD, ... And he shall send Jesus Christ,
which before was preached unto you:" (in The Bible),
"Whom the heaven must receive until THE TIMES OF RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS." - [Acts 3:18-21]   &   [Isaiah 28:12]

Yet you'll probably be like most people in the world and disbelieve and fulfill the prophecy found in Isaiah 28:12:
AND THIS IS THE REFRESHING, YET THEY WOULD NOT HEAR ... "Yet They Would Not Hear" means that
either you will not read the things of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ;
or, you read them, hear about them (maybe from missionaries), but reject them;
or, you accept them but are not baptized into the restored Church
and do not become valiant in proclaiming the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
and living it. As such, you fulfill The Parable of the Sower found in
Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, and/or Luke 8:4-15 ...)

So are you going to "HEAR?" THAT, is the question?
Or are you going to immediately fulfill the prophecy and "NOT HEAR?" isn't the only way for you to "HEAR," BUT,
you are here NOW, and there is no reason to procrastinate other than the
fulfilling of the prophecy:


Are you going to click into a subject right now and start learning the truth about
Jesus Christ and His restored Church, or click out of this website and remain
with limited knowledge that will not save you in the highest kingdom of God called
"Eternal Life"?

All comments (in blue) found within these Scripture Sets, are the comments of the author, Elder Erving Lambert,
and are not necessarily the teachings or doctrines of the restored Church of Jesus Christ.

(In actuality, missionaries from that Church will not be as hard on you and what you currently believe - as this website is.)


ScriptureCrossReferences are not "milky" scriptures intended for "babes" in the Gospel.
These are "meat" cross-references and comments intended for the learned and scripturally and Gospel mature,
and for those who really want to learn what it's about with no "sugar-coating" and no denying doctrines and prophecies.
Things found in ScriptureCrossReferences are what you might call "heavy," and my comments
are sometimes hard and rough and very direct against false churches, false teachers, and anyone who tries to
Tell God What He Can & Cannot Do!

If you are someone who likes soft doctrine; or is offended by someone bluntly telling you that your
religion is false - then don't read these subjects. Don't read
These subjects are written for the BLUNT-HEARTED! Those who want the truth no matter how direct
& gutsy it gets! --- And they even prefer it to be direct and gutsy! Again, there is no "sugar-coating"
here; no evading the truths found in the scriptures. If you like things "sugar-coated;" if you don't
like studying about perfection, godliness, temples where baptisms for the dead are performed, etc. etc.
then please skimper back to your weak church and Telling-God-What-He-Can-And-Cannot-Do beliefs that
picks apart the Scriptures, doctrines, and prophecies of Jesus Christ and likes to evade and deny:
ScriptureCrossReferences is NOT for you ...

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A Famine of Hearing
The Words of The Lord

The Aaronic Priesthood

The Abrahamic Covenant

Baptism For The Dead

Baptism Necessity

Baptism Washes Away Sins
& Gives A New Spiritual Birth

Be Ye Therefore Perfect

The Book of Life

David Murdered
And Thus
Fell From Exaltation


Definition of Cornerstone,
The Stone of Israel,
The Rock of Israel

Definition of Fire & Brimstone

Definition of
The Salt of The Earth

Definitions of Sin

Definition of Zion

The Dispensation of
The Fulness of Times

In Eternal Marriage
Is Not Authorized By God


Equal With God

Family In Heaven

Garments of Salvation

The Gift of Healing
The Laying On Of Hands


In Your Patience
Possess Ye Your Souls

The Laying On Of Hands
The Gift of The Holy Ghost



The Melchizedek Priesthood

1 Day To The Lord

OtherSheep - Great Subject To Learn The Lord's Plans For The Latter-Days!

Our Blood
Sprinkled The Savior,
During The Atonement

Pray Without Ceasing

The Refreshing - Great Subject To Learn The Lord's Plans For The Latter-Days!



Taking The Lord's Name In Vain

Third Heaven



Ye Are Gods

Ye Are Gods -
The 3 Bible Scriptures
Which Proclaim This

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